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Privacy Policy

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This Privacy Policy is applicable to personal information collected by AU Security and Communications and complies with the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) (Privacy Act), that regulates the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal and sensitive information, ensuring that you are given certain rights in respect of this information. One of the key components of security used by AU Security and Communications is SSL – Secure Sockets Layer Technology.


We may collect personal information from you in relation to any contract or communications between you (the client) and AU Security and Communications. This information is as follows:

  • Name
  • Postal and residential address
  • Email Address
  • Mobile or landline phone number
  • Payment information

We may also collect personal information from the following:

  • People who subscribe to our mailing lists or provide feedback via our website: or email:
  • Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • “Cookies”, “IP addresses” and “session tokens”. We use software on our website and servers called cookies and session tokens, which store information and enables our website to recognise individuals’ web browsers and remember certain information to assist individuals’ with future use of our website or services
  • Your IP address may also be stored as an additional security measure
  • General administration documents.


Upon supplying your personal information you are in agreeance to the terms documented in this Privacy Policy.

Subject to the Privacy Act, if we acquire any of your personal information in other ways, or if we use your personal information for purposes other than those listed above (or other than purposes reasonably related to, or reasonably implied from, those), we will notify you and seek your consent. Whenever reasonably practicable we will seek such consent in advance.

At such times, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of:

  • The purpose/s for which the information is collected; any law (where applicable) that requires us to collect that information.


Subject to its legal obligations with respect to privacy, any material, information or testimonials submitted to AU Security and Communications and posted on the website will be considered as having been voluntarily submitted for use by us and as non-confidential and non-proprietary information; and we are free to use such information on the website and otherwise in its sole discretion, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes and without liability or compensation to any person or entity.



The Privacy Act allows the client to access and amend their personal information at any time that it is convenient for both parties.



AU Security and Communications will only use information provided by you for the agreed purposes it was intended for. These purposes are as follows:


  • In the ordinary course of conducting our business.  For example, liaising with other professional organisations in-line with product suppliers other than within our organisation
  • responding to enquiries and feedback and providing information about our products and services that may be of interest to our clients.
  • General administration, reporting and management functions, including invoicing and account management, payment processing.
  • For other purposes related to or in connection with our business, including meeting our legal and contractual obligations to third parties.



AU Security and Communications take reasonable measures to ensure that records held by us, which contain your personal information, are protected against loss, against unauthorised access disclosure use or modification, and against other misuse. We will also do everything reasonably within our power to prevent unauthorised use or disclosure of any personal information contained in any record that we may need to give to any third party. For more information on your rights go to:

In the event that you have a concern in relation to how we have stored or used your personal information please contact us:

AU Security and Communications


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